Calm - self titled

every new year begins in a similar space
a zen garden at liquid’s edge
where she returns to water
to the cleansing white-hot sun
and turns within
allowing peace to flow from the dawn
that pierces new light
through her receptive soul
reflecting on the previous twelve
but rejuvenated for the next dozen
and captivated by brilliant possibilities ahead

Music was in his blood. His father is Captain Crunch from the legendary Emerald Street Boys – think super old-school hip-hop a la “Rapper’s Delight” – and his mother was in the rap world as well. His mentor, Vitamin D – DJ, producer, MC, and often hailed as the foundation of Seattle hip hop – took him under his wing at an early age, showed him the ropes, and began recording him at age 13. He also benefited from an early association with hip-hop super-producer Jake One.

Many of the things you propose make people feel better about themselves and actually help building self-confidence. However, I would be interested on reading your input in general on this topic. Taking time out for your own plans and dreams, doing things another way than most other people and generally not necessarily “fitting in” can be quite hard with a low self-confidence.

Calm - Self TitledCalm - Self TitledCalm - Self TitledCalm - Self Titled